Session 6 — Antarctica!

Sorry for the long wait, but session 6 is now finally available. Having run out of time, the editing standards are a bit lower this time around, as I'm trailing somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 hours of recordings.

This session sees our expedition arriving on Antarctica, and trouble following them close by as they're awoken in the early morning by an alarm.

Session 5, Part 1 — Melbourne

The Starkweather-Moore Expedition continues its journey to Australia, while the intrepid investigators try to get to the bottom of the Henning case. While in Melbourne, there's time for some R&R, before they once again head back to sea.

This session's audio was too big to put in one podcast episode, so I split it into two parts, split between Chapter 5 and 6, when the ship departs from Melbourne. Here's a preview from the beginning of the storm, and a look into the madness that is Logic Pro X file (roll for SAN 1/1d6).

Session 4 — To Sea (Recap)

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Oh, calamity of calamities. Somehow Logic Pro X decided to ditch the .wav files from last session, and the recording is now nowhere to be found. So I had no choice but to simply record a recap and take better care of my files in the future.

This time, our intrepid explorers first dig into the history of Acacia Lexington's heritage and history, finding The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, before they finally set out to sea. But trouble follows them, and soon after we find them battling unseen enemies onboard The Gabrielle.

Our intrepid gaming group

Our intrepid gaming group

We lose Bjørn, but gain his brother, Christian, who will be taking on the role of Dr. Hermann Altmeyer, an... alternative, let's say, german scientist.