Session 4 — To Sea (Recap)

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Oh, calamity of calamities. Somehow Logic Pro X decided to ditch the .wav files from last session, and the recording is now nowhere to be found. So I had no choice but to simply record a recap and take better care of my files in the future.

This time, our intrepid explorers first dig into the history of Acacia Lexington's heritage and history, finding The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, before they finally set out to sea. But trouble follows them, and soon after we find them battling unseen enemies onboard The Gabrielle.

Our intrepid gaming group

Our intrepid gaming group

We lose Bjørn, but gain his brother, Christian, who will be taking on the role of Dr. Hermann Altmeyer, an... alternative, let's say, german scientist.

Session 3 — Rivalries

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Strange things are afoot in the world of Antarctic expeditions, and our stalwart explorers set about figuring out what exactly is going on that is causing them so much trouble.

Here's a look at my 15" MacBook Pro and 27" Thunderbolt Display during a game. I use my 27" as my primary display, on which I have the 2nd edition manuscript open (which I've highlighted and annotated as needed), a 'todo' list for the chapter(s) we're playing, Skype (which I wish I could turn into a much smaller horizontal strip), Chrome with Roll20 open and Call Recorder for Skype running.

On the MacBook to my left, I have the soundboard and Nicecast, which is broadcasting the Soundboard audio stream (I don't really need that open) and finally Numbers, with my investigator matrix, where I can quickly look up the stats for all the investigators.

On Caustic Soda

When we were going through the manifests, the question about what exactly the caustic soda was being brought along for? So I wrote Chaz Engan, who wrote me back that: "Caustic soda is intended to absorb CO2 in the air renewal systems when flying at altitude".

So there you have it. It's also what Tyler Durden uses to mark the hand of the narrator in Fight Club, should that sort of thing somehow come in handy.